The best places for shopping in Montreal

Photo The best places for shopping in Montreal

Montreal is among the most populous municipality in Canada. It is the commercial capital of Canada. Whether you go there for holidays or on a long journey, it's always tempting to go shopping. Montreal is renowned for its hospitals, universities and shopping malls. This is mainly due to its multiple ethnicities and origins.

Where to go for shopping clothes?

There are shopping malls for every taste and budget in Montreal. The following places are among the most amazing shopping centers in Montreal.

  •  The Mile End Montreal Food Tour: the unavoidable Tour for shopping. It is operated by several small shops. It's a convenient place for clothes and food. In the same spot, you can shop for classy clothes, and enjoy chocolate, drink hot chocolate, and sweets.
  •  Betina Lou: it is located in 6510 Henri-Julien Avenue. It is the best place for women's clothing. It gathers modernity and traditional using neutral colors that make women classier and more versatile.
  •  La Gaillarde: For the eco-fashion, La Gaillarde is there to satisfy you with recycled designer clothes. Why not to shop and save environment at the same time? No waste but fashionable. There are sewing lessons for beginner stylists at this boutique.
  •  Off The Hook: Shopping doesn't just mean women. Off The Hook pampers men. Located in 1021 West Sainte Catherine, the bottom of Montreal, it's the place to shop for first-class menswear.

Other than clothes

More than clothes' shops, Empire Exchange has the best selection of products. From accessories to creations, artists' products are exposed at this store. Many designers choose to manufacture their mugs or soaps in Empire Exchange.

As its name, it builds more exchange with customers and artists or designers than just shops. Clark Street Mercantile is also an expert in craftsmanship and furniture which is built to last.

How to reach this place?

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